Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Trip

I am thrilled to be able to continue January Boten's vision through the creation of a permanent plan for multicultural immersion experiences at UW-Eau Claire. Through the help of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation, Director Kimera Way, the Juedes-Molinaro Family Foundation, and UW-Eau Claire Student Senate we are able to offer two trips during 2009. In a few days we'll embark on the winter trip and another group of students will go during spring break. I am especially excited to be a part of the winter trip right before the historic inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20th. Our students will have the opportunity to visit many of the historic sites he recounted during his amazing acceptance speech. History will come alive for our group during the trip. And, when we return we will be able to witness a historical event with new eyes.

I am very grateful to all those who have helped us to expand this opportunity! And, I am so pleased to be able to be a part of the trip again this year. It is a life changing experience and I am truly honored to be able to share it with our remarkable UW-Eau Claire students!

And, I am also pleased to announce that Minniejean Brown Trickey will be coming to UW-Eau Claire March 10th and 11th to share her remarkable story as one of the "Little Rock Nine" who helped to integrate Little Rock public schools. Students participating in the winter trip will have the opportunity to have dinner with Minniejean during her visit!
Change is possible and we can be a part of that change!


  1. I am so jealous that all of you get to listen to Minniejean's story straight from her. She has one of most moving stories of anyone throughout the movement.

    During our trip last spring, was when President-Elect Obama gave his very moving speech on race. I remember sitting on the bus in New Orleans and reading the transcript and being so overwhelmed by what he was saying and what I was seeing on the trip. He really hit it home that even though we have come so far, we still have so far to go.

  2. Wow! This is so exciting! I am so sad that I can't share this experience with all of you, but thrilled that it's happening again! Last year's trip was by far one of the most awesome, inspiring experiences of my life. Good luck!!