Sunday, April 6, 2008

The first two images are our offical after shots. They show Andy's now empty home.. It was a tough day for him. We asked him which things he still thought he wanted.. After a while we just stopped asking because it was too painful for him to make the decisions and his daughter seemed upset that we were prying.
In may of the pics you can see the unhealthy dust aloft in the air. It is bad bad stuff that contains many germs and chemicals.. (not to mention the smell of death) that is why it was so omportatnt to wear the masks.
The residence of New Orleans call the cough that you get from this dust the "Katrina Cough." Many people still have the cough and are still getting it almost 3 years later.
The last pic is what Andy's daughter called "scavengers." They were there in a matter of minutes after we started pilling Andy's old belongings out on the curb. It seemed to make the old man unconfortable.. he just didnt look at them. His daughter was upset..
In some places, maybe you can see in the pics, there are holes in the floor. A few of our feet fell through .. we realized the work we were doing was more dangerous then we though- what with random holes, dangerous dust, and things to fall stab or maybe electricute us all over the place.
It was a great job well done though and we all felt great after words. :)

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