Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trip far

Yesterday when we were at Little Rock it was amazing to see the exhibits about the Little Rock Nine and feel the emotion that was around the area. I feel that this has been a common occurance on this trip as people are humbled by the experiences that they are having. Montgomery was a very neat experience as well as we learned all about Rosa Parks and the bus boycott that took place there. In Selma we got to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and then were pushed to the outside of our comfort zones as we walked along the Martin Luther King walking tour which went through a lower class neighborhood in the dark. We also went to Birmingham where we saw Kelly Ingram park which was made up of themes from the Civil Rights movement which was very moving, and in Atlanta we went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Remembrance Center were we watched a movie that sent chills down my spine as he spoke in his "I Have A Dream Speech." While in Atlanta we also went to a church service at Ebenezer Baptist which was a very different experience however my day was complete when I saw a woman in a purple dress and a big purple hat which is what I really wanted to see. All in all this trip has been a great experience and will change our lives forever.

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