Monday, March 10, 2008

Here IT Comes

I am so excited for this upcoming trip!! It will be a unique and rewarding experience that I know I will only be able to get in college. Thats what I love about college all the opportunities!

I feel like this trip has come at a very relivent time for me. Also, I feel that that I am very prepared for it for THREE reasons:

First, I am currently taking a Poly Sci course and we covered a lot of civil rights issues. So, I have a small background on civil rights and how it affected people politically and socially that I am excited to expand upon.

Second, I am reading the book, Why We Can't Wait, and there is a lot a great information in it that I was never aware of. It is a great heads up on what we will be learning about.

Third, and most important to me, is the current gallery show at Haas, "Artists in Exile," which is about artists who have been affected by Katrina and their reaction to the catastrophe. I went to this show after it opened and listened to two of the artist talk about their work and how it was connected to Katrina. They told personal stories and stories they had heard. It brought me to tears, we are so uniformed about what happened and what is still happening. Their story is still not over and I am so glad we get to go be apart of it and help. They expressed that our help is greatly appreciated and that the city could never be where it is today with out the help of volunteers.

I highly recommend that anyone who is going on this trip go check out the Haas gallery in the next few days and ask questions. The photos in particular are very touching, horrific and breathtaking. They will give you a visual image of what New Orleans has gone through. It will help you appreciate what we are about to do even more! Talk about relevance.

Great!! I am so excited to do this with you all!

~Alyssa Hollowell

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