Friday, January 6, 2017

We leave in just a few hours for our 17th Civil Rights Pilgrimage! I would never have imagined back in 2007 when a group of four resident assistants came to me with an idea for a meaningful spring break experience that nine years later I'd be preparing to take our 1450th participant on this amazing learning journey. I am so grateful to those four students- Chris Nielson, Sarah Gonzalez, Katie Lashua, and Tim Kenney and their Hall Director, January Boten, for having the idea that changed my life!
I know that all of the coordinators of the trip that took over where they left off are better because those Resident Assistants had this great idea too!

I am grateful to each of these teams for their tremendous contributions to the program and our campus! 

So as we embark on our latest journey, I am filled with gratitude for all the journeys that came before!

1 comment:

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